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Married At First Sight

Has anyone seen this show?? Who in their right mind would get married to a complete stranger?? Lol I’d be way too stubborn for this shit and the person they’d get would be a complete mess. I’d probably still be acting single lol. It’s entertaining to watch other people go through it but that shit would never be for me. Science and personality tests my ass!

Puppy probs

I feel so bad having to lock my puppy in his kennel for most of the day. But he’s been having so many accidents lately and I’m pretty much having to start back at square one with potty training. I’m sure he’ll be so much happier in the end when he isn’t getting scolded anymore and happily potties where he should. His cries just break my heart and I wish I could let him out :(

Why must prego porn pages go around liking my posts? Ew, go away.

Post Surgery

I feel great! A little tired even after a long nap but everything has been going very well. The surgery went smooth and I was incredibly comfortable the entire time. They covered me up with so many warm sheets I could’ve napped lol. They treat they’re pregnant patients amazingly :) I got a bit bummed out because they kept asking me if there was anyone waiting for me and of course there was no one there. It made me sad that I didn’t have my husband because I was so nervous the entire time and had no one to really talk to. I give myself a lot of credit for doing this all completely on my own today!
The surgery alone only took about an hour and I was awake for the whole thing. I smelt and felt weird things lol but they talked me through the whole process and made me feel so good. If it’s something serious I should know relatively soon how the results came back, but if all is well then I will have my check up in 2 weeks. All in all I’m not feeling too bad right now and I’m so fortunate God helped me get through today without my husband. Now let’s just hope for good results!!!

Losing MORE weight?!?

Ahh I’ve lost 3 pounds since my last appointment about 2 weeks ago :( (That brings me to a whopping 101 pounds). That’s so frustrating that the nausea is getting to me so much that I’m losing weight. I hope the second trimester is so much easier and I gain tons of weight for my little angel to be well fed and start on his/her rolls! :)

I have my breast mass removal surgery tomorrow!

Cross your fingers for me and let’s hope it’s nothing cancerous. Wish me luck :)

Being pregnant during the Fall/Winter

I literally could not be any more excited to be pregnant during this time! I get to eat sooo much good holiday food without worrying much about my weight. I get to take adorable holiday photos with my beautiful husband and cute belly. I get to be nice and cozy with leggings, fuzzy socks and blankets while it’s snowing or raining out. My family will get to see me pregnant since Chris and I planned a while ago that it was important we visit our family over the holidays. The baby will get here just before Spring and it will be perfect timing for me to work on my “summer body” before summer gets here! I get to put our baby in adorable summer clothes. The list is endless! Pretty much I’m just extremely excited about being pregnant during my favorite time of the year :)

"Don’t you get it? I chose you, over anyone else. I always fucking choose you."

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“What’s surprised you most about being a parent?”“The feeling of being called ‘Dad.’ It’s the best feeling on earth. The first time my daughter called me ‘Dad,’ we were playing hide and go seek. I was pretending that I couldn’t find her, and I kept searching and searching, until finally she screamed: ‘Dad!’ It almost made me cry. It made me feel like Superman.’”(Nairobi, Kenya)

Omg I’m literally about to cry 😩

Sooo sentimental

Idk how church service always manages to make me cry. I’ve gotten so good at holding back from hysterically crying lol. I’m glad I’ve gotten back to my spiritual roots. It feels nice to have found such a great church that manages to bring me to tears!