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Noisy annoying ass

There’s this asshole that for some dumb ass reason always decides to mow his lawn literally in the middle of the night on Sundays. Welp the idiot has ran his lawn mowing into tonight as well and I’m about to pull my hair out. I have no idea where the fucking noise is coming from but I need to shut him the fuck up. Like how much got damn lawn do you have to mow????? I would love to call the cops right now!!

Because I actually managed to put on some makeup today!

Ok but really I’m gonna try to go a whole day without complaining/talking about pregnancy shit lol I’m sorry guys my life is about more than just this I promise!


I’ve been having the biggest craving for a nice cold beer and a cigarette. Even before I was pregnant I wasn’t a smoker nor a drinker. Not sure what is wrong with me but I’m so pissed I can’t have either lol. My husband let me have a quick taste of beer just enough to touch my tongue and it only made me want more!!! This is going to be a long 6 months lol

A million and 1 cravings

Trying to decide what I’m most in the mood for when we go out to eat is the biggest struggle!!!


Super cute for when they are little!

Soooo doing this!

I love baby commercials ❤️

They always make me cry! I can’t wait to hold and cuddle my little sweet pea just like they do. I’ll probably be the type to sit there and stare at him/her while drenched in tears lol. I’m stoked to be a momma!!

Love my little baby to death

But this child is trying to bring me to my death bed lol. I need to rest I feel horrible. I didn’t even get to finish Brave!!! Oh well gives me something to do with my love tomorrow. Goodnight 😘

Cleaning while pregs sucks.

No wonder I’ve been putting it off for so long! It took me about double the time it normally would because I lost my breath quite a few times but my home looks spotless! Just finishing up a load of laundry then time to completely relax. It smells fantastic in here. A clean home makes me so happy ☺️ My husband is going to go nuts!